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  • Madonnas and Whores

    I met an African woman at an eating area near my job once. I used to see her there early in the morning smoking. One day she came up to me and asked me if I had a light for [...]
  • White-Lash Election

    I have intentionally not spoken about the recent presidential election for reasons. First it was that I felt (as probably many liberals did) that Donald Trump has been and [...]
  • Neo-Reconstruction

    They say that history repeats itself. They say that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. If there is one thing America at which America excels, it is [...]
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The State of Hip Hop: Enter The Prince

by AngryBlackMan in General

J.Cole, The Prince of Hip Hop, takes an evolutionary leap with his sophomore album Born Sinner. The Story I have been following J.Cole since his The Warm Up mixtape. I must [...]


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