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  • Culture of Fear pt.1

    Since ancient times ruling powers have used fear as a means of control. There is no human emotion stronger than fear. Not love; not hate; not hope. Fear is a great motivator [...]
  • Terminal Civility

    Comedian Kathy Griffin posed for an anti-Trump photo shoot and the backlash from one particular photo has been wreaking havoc on Griffin’s life and career. So the photo [...]
  • Nigger Politics

    Here we are again back in the discussion of the word “nigger.” I spoke out on this back when Paula Dean was the culprit and although this time the context is [...]
  • A Place of Rest

    Spirituality is a cornerstone of Black life in America. People often interpret this as the Black church but I would disagree. Such a notion is limiting and exclusive. I [...]
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An Irrelevant Kind of Love

by AngryBlackMan in All ABout Love

The Story One does not have to look far to find some article or statement being made about the state of Black relationships. While many of these statements that regard Black [...]


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