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The Story

I am certain there is not need to recap the tragic murder of Michael Brown and the ensuing tensions that have followed for Ferguson, Missouri. However, the recent announcement of the verdict deciding whether or not Michael Brown’s murderer, police officer Darren Wilson, has shoved the issue into a turn for the worse.

After the announcement people to took the streets in cities throughout the country shutting down bridges and major thoroughfares to express their outrage and pain. I will leave the critique and deliberating about the justice system to the media and political pundits for in my opinion the American justice is and has been a transparent, blatant facade at best and a joke at worst. However, there are several very specific and poignant messages that America is sending to People of Color in this country. These messages are requiring some specific changes to the way that we move forward in preparing the next generation for the unfortunate state of the world that we are leaving as their inheritance.


The Problem

The problem is that there is no safe space people of color in America, especially for black men. There is no clean slate from which one might escape the prison of stereotype and racial discrimination. There is no agency for a person of color who would defy the status quo and endeavor to be a healthy, productive citizen and forge an identity based upon their own actions and convictions. No at every turn we are painted in colors of oppression, hues of poverty and aggression, tints of violence and danger. There is no safe space. And there won’t be one unless we create it.


The Point

If we are not willing to love ourselves by ourselves in spite of ourselves we will perish in this battle. What we have learned from those who gone before us into battle is that love is the answer. We have to live children of color so hard that it fortifies their souls against all hatred. We have to love them so hard that it validates their character against all discrimination. We have to love them so hard that it justifies their existence and let’s them know that while this country at its historical root belong to none but the Native Americans, but the sordid marriage of history have brought us here and the blood, sweat, and degradation of generations of our ancestors has paid the price for us to be Americans. We will not be enslaved, we will not be oppressed, we will not be ignored. We are not going anywhere. We are Americans . We are here and America must deal with us for better or worse.


I’m not sayin: I’m just sayin,


An Angry Black Man

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