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Culture of Fear pt.1

Black In America

Since ancient times ruling powers have used fear as a means of control. There is no human emotion stronger than fear. Not love; not hate; not hope. Fear is a great motivator for all animals. The fear of the loss of life is the foundation of the all survival instinct. But what happens when fears are manipulated through the manufacturing of threats? You get a society like America.

American Fear

In all of the world today, fear is the strongest motivator for the American people. It has become popular and reasonable to use fear to justify all manner of violence, discrimination and evil. There was a time when America went to war for the promotion of democracy and global justice. Now it’s because we are afraid they are plotting an attack on us. Or we’re afraid that we will lose access to resources. Or we’re afraid that we’re afraid. Internally fear is the government’s choice weapon for control. They tell the citizens to fear terrorists and anyone who looks like or might be a terrorist. They tell the bourgeoisie to fear the proletariat’s rise to power. They tell populace to fear each other because we are different. Fear. Fear. Fear. All around us.

Political language. . .is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

– George Orwell

The thing about fear is that it is a toxic parasite that feeds on the insecurities and anxieties of people. The more that it is fed, the stronger it becomes. America has used fear to create a nebulous, intangible boogey man for its citizens to fear. The only goal of such is control and manipulation. Through fear our governing institutions can justify their actions and hide their intentions. Through fear governing institutions can keep the masses plugged into a matrix of set limits and blissful ignorance. When we look back on things like McCarthyism, the War on Drugs or the War on Terror, we see the ruling powers manufacturing and/or exaggerating issues to the level of making them public enemy number 1.

There are more things…likely to frighten us than there are to crush us; we suffer more often in imagination than in reality.

– Seneca

The Culture of Fear

What we are currently living in a time when fear is the most prevalent feeling that Americans experience. There is much uncertainty about the future of the country economically and politically. And then there is the fear that is served to the public. I would venture to say we are at the height of the era of the culture of fear. But I submit to you that the human constitution is not meant to live on fear. That is not how humanity came to be the dominant species on the planet. That is not how humanity has made evolutionary leaps in development and intelligence. Fear as a human constraint will never last.

It is because of this that I believe there is a limited reservoir for fear in humans. There is only so long that you can scare a person before they challenge those fears and overcome them.

I’m not saying; I’m just saying,

An Angry Black Man

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