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Martin vs. O’Reilly

So, first of all, I have no idea why America still even allows idiot extremist right wing puppets like Bill O’Reilly. I mean the greater public may not want to speak the truth that Fox News is clearly a right wing force used to funnel funds and propaganda through the media but it’s the truth. Nonetheless we still give accreditation to the station and its marionettes so I will address it…Bill O’Reilly recently made the following statements in a segment:


They’re a hate group and I’m gonna tell you right now I’m gonna put them out of business

– Bill O’Reilly

Segment Breakdown

First of all its completely obvious how O’Reilly tries to spin the conversation by over talking anyone who disagrees with him and allowing only those voices that support his eccentric notion that Black Lives Matter is a “hate group.” That is just the work of a seasoned media professional; however, there is no true evidence to support his claim. He says that Black Lives Matter supports the demise of police but in their recently released Campaign Zero they have included a measure which would support the protection of TRUE law enforcement officers to do their job without the good ole boys tactics that have persevered.

Also, it is important to note the language that O’Reilly uses to describe Black Lives Matter. Calling them a hate group and likening them to terrorists is a mediocre tactic of sensationalism and eccentricity that the Right Wing has often resorted to in order to discredit their opposition. The truth is that the Black Lives Matter movement is using contemporary measures and tactics to have their voices heard…and it is working. Otherwise O’Reilly would not be so committed to their demise. O’Reilly’s claims to “shut them down” is impotent rhetoric being used to incense the media and conservatives to defame the movement.

I found Juan Williams’ comments to be even more offensive than O’Reilly’s. Juan Williams said:

This Black Lives Matter are doing damage. If they’re hurting somebody, they’re hurting the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement.

– Juan Williams

I can understand if Williams disagrees with the tactics of Black Lives Matter but to go so far as to say that they are hurting the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement is extreme. I will give him credit for verbalizing repeatedly that he did not agree with O’Reilly’s claims that Black Lives Matter is a hate group but when he couldn’t get his 2 cents in about how damaging he felt the group is, he sat back in his chair and said nothing. It was a disgusting display to watch.

Roland Martin’s Response


Until you [Bill O’Reilly] do that [call out police violence] shut the hell up because what you’re simply doing is playing the game and game recognize game. You want to call me on some other Black journalist, pick the phone up. I’ll be there any time any day.

– Roland Martin

I have always been a fan of Martin. He is an intelligent, intellectual Black male journalist who isn’t afraid to be politically correct and authentically Black. Make no mistake Martin is hugely articulate but he also isn’t afraid to just say it like it is. For example, telling Bill O’Reilly to “shut the hell up.” I mean certainly there are a number of ways he could have said this but truthfully anybody who felt like he did about O’Reilly’s comments would admit the first thing that came to their mind was that exact same phrasing. But I digress.

It is so significant that Martin came to the defense of Black Lives Matter because that is what our elders should do and its what Black people who have a platform for engaging the public should vocalize. Furthermore, I would love to see O’Reilly have Martin on his show and actually dedicate a good 20 minutes of the segment to debating with Martin without interruption.

The Point

This is just the beginning of the attacks on Black Lives Matter. It is to be expected and, in truth, is it is a sign of progress because Black Lives Matter is making a difference and has managed to get America’s attention and be taken seriously. It also means that the level of scrutiny is increasing and Black Lives Matter will have to fortify itself in its beliefs and practices and be prepared to take on such opposition. It is just as important that supporters of the movement be prepared to stand with the movement even to the point of direct confrontation like Martin did. Big ups to Roland Martin.


I’m not sayin: I’m just sayin,


An Angry Black Man

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