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Mayor Bowser Powers Police

Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser in her first public address to the city promised a new era of government accountability and transparency. Since that address Bowser has proposed anything but accountability and transparency. Most recently in her proposed law enforcement changes.

Bowser has plans to increase police presence on the streets through paying overtime, hiring civilians for administrative positions to free up uniformed officers to patrol the streets and making changes to police retirement policies that will allow officers to stay. She is also planning to expand police powers. Below are some of the changes that Bowser has announced:

⦁ Increasing penalties for crimes committed on public transit or in parks or recreation centers.

⦁ Funding an incentive program to encourage businesses or residents to purchase security cameras.

⦁ Taking violent criminals on pretrial supervision back into custody for 72 hours if their GPS ankle bracelets are removed, damaged or left uncharged to avoid detection.

⦁ Offering community grants to fund nonprofits that help victims of violent crime.


The Problem

Bowser appears to have a thing with local law enforcement. She has done nothing but compromise and backtrack on her promises for accountability and transparency. In her first address she promised police body cams and then came behind that to state that the footage from these cameras should not be accessible to the public in order to “respect privacy.” Now she promising them more hours (which means more money) and an increased focus on petty crimes and individuals who are already serving punishment for their crimes. And she is suggesting to the public that this is a response to the increase in violent crimes. But the question is: how will any of this combat or reduce crime. Allowing police to search the homes of people on probation and locking up individuals for removing their GPS ankle bracelets is a waste of police hours and distraction from addressing new criminal offenses. Something just doesn’t add up.

DC police union is, of course, very pleased with these changes as they had complained about the drop in officer numbers due to retirement changes and the removal of vice units (who were once blamed for using jump out military tactics). A poll was released on Popville asking people to vote on whether the would like to see vice squads brought back. And Police Chief Cathy Lanier has been instituting a All Hands On Deck initiative that places all officers on duty for 48 hours in efforts to deter crime – no doubt made possible by Bowser’s commitment to paying overtime and increasing the funding to law enforcement. However, during the first night that this plan was implemented, there were 7 shootings (2 of which were fatal).


The Point

The issue is that someone is full of shit and it smells like Mayor Bowser. She along with her police minions continue to piss on the community and tell them its raining. None of these tactics and initiatives are geared towards addressing crime in the district and if they are it is evidently not working. It seems more likely that all of this does nothing besides serve the interests of MPD and the DC Police Union who are always begging for more police, more hours and more power. Muriel Bowser is giving them exactly what they want and the communities that they serve are suffering in the meanwhile.


I’m not sayin; I’m just sayin,


An Angry Black Man

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