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Terminal Civility

Comedian Kathy Griffin posed for an anti-Trump photo shoot and the backlash from one particular photo has been wreaking havoc on Griffin’s life and career.

So the photo is very disturbing. It is inappropriate as it could suggest provoking violence against government officer. However, the part that I would like to address is the public outrage and justifying of the destruction of her career.┬áMind you, Griffin isn’t the first celebrity to take a hit to their career because of some misconduct. Sometimes it’s warranted. But my question is why are we, as Americans, so bloodthirsty?

The truth is most everyone to some extent is economically fragile. Just because someone makes more money, it doesn’t excuse them from this reality – just look at all the celebrities (including Trump) who have filed bankruptcy because their debts far exceed the money they have. And wanting to see a person lose everything they have worked for is disgusting. It says so much more about the person calling for such retribution than it does about the person that committed the offense. Why is it in America when we see someone on their back with their neck exposed, we cheer for someone to go for the jugular? And why is sincere repentance never enough?

The Point

In Griffin’s case one inappropriate photo taken in poor judgment shouldn’t result in public denigration and her economic ruin. She made an immediate apology and has since even broken down on television crying over the incident. Why isn’t repentance enough? That’s often more than most celebrities give for their misconduct. We have yet to see Trump repent for the vicious, racist, sexist and callous things he has said. That leads me to think maybe Griffin has a point when she states that she doesn’t feel like this level of backlash would happen to her if she were a White man. In Griffin’s defense inappropriate, controversial and cross-the-line has always been her style. She made a poor choice this time but I’m certain no one seriously thinks that this woman was inciting violence against Trump so do we really need the Secret Service investigating her?

We are experiencing a severe breakdown of civility and practicality in this country. Everything is so emotional and vicious. Where is the reason? Where is the logic? Where is the class? And since when have we let public opinion be the judge and jury? Everything is about persona and appearances as opposed to truth and character. We really have to get ahold of ourselves and find our way back to the times when anything didn’t go and when the ends didn’t justify the means. That would make America great again.

I’m not saying; I’m just saying,

An Angry Black Man



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