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Views by Drake: Album Review

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Drake recently released his fourth studio album exclusively on Apple Music and iTunes with the physical release slated for May 6th. Early numbers allude to the album having gone platinum in less than a week having sold 1.2 million copies (including streams) in six days.

The album’s hype was most likely built from the Drake/Meek Mill sparring that led to 2 of Drake’s recent singles that garnered considerable airplay. However, Views does not seem to deliver on that hype. The album is mostly uneventful and surprisingly disappointing given the singles and mixtapes that preceded it – all of which did not make the album.


Drake and Noah “40” Shebib have mastered the art of creating a listenable album. For all intents and purposes, Views is an album that you can play from start to finish. However, it lacks the power hitting tracks that made Nothing Was The Same a strong addition to Drake’s repertoire such as “Started From the Bottom” and “All Me.” Drake and 40 have created a somewhat signature sound in their collaboration and that sound is evident on Views but it seems somewhat muted and lackluster. The highlights of the album are the tracks with Caribbean inspired production which offers some edge in between the emotional musings and stale odes to Drake’s hometown: “Controlla,””One Dance,” and “Too Good.”

The album’s single best track is “Controlla” where Drake discusses the mutual control struggle between him and the infamous ‘girl’ to whom he always seems to be speaking to on at least a third of every album (not necessarily the same girl). The beat and Beenie Man sample make it a definite club banger and has the most edge of any of song on the album. My second pick would be “Without You” with an airy production and hard hitting bass line produced by Murda. The song falls in line with Drake’s signature emotional content detailing the struggles of a relationship.

Overall the album is listenable but underwhelming. And while it has a solid place in Drake’s repertoire, it doesn’t reflect any exceptional growth or delivery. It’s Drake doing what Drake does best. For fans this won’t be a problem. For those a little less taken by the Canadian rapper, it leaves something to be desired.




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