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Well Done, Soldier

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Soon Attorney General, Eric Holder, will be stepping down from his post. The 82nd was sworn in in 2009 by President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. From the time Holder took his position he fought for diplomacy and equality. He spoke candidly about race, police conduct, voting rights, the prison industrial system, drug laws, civil rights, terrorism and marriage equality.

The Point

Eric Holder’s outspoken approach to legislative politics helped to shape the Obama administration as one of the presidential administrations to acknowledge and address the country’s issue with an unflinching eye and an immovable conviction to what is right. He has exemplified the quality that this country has needed most from a minority in a position of power: sincerity and vindication. We can only hope his predecessor, Loretta Lynch will demonstrate a modicum of his integrity. Big ups to Eric Holder. Be well soldier.


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