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I have intentionally not spoken about the recent presidential election for reasons. First it was that I felt (as probably many liberals did) that Donald Trump has been and always would be a joke. He was an aging, unimpressive rich White man who used his wealth to gain attention enough to weigh in on things that were beyond his intellectual capacity and authoritative capability. He’s the nobody rich guy who does interviews condemning 5 young Black boys for a rape they never committed; he’s the rich White guy who pays for ads against what became the first Black president of America. At every turn he shows up and speaks for the wrong side of anything American. He does so because he has no connection with American reality. He is and has lived in the 1% for so long that it is all he knows but nothing that 99% of America knows (no matter their color, gender or religious affiliation). So certainly he shook up the election but by no means did I think a ma
n who is so obviously a narcissist, fascist, chauvinist and racist would ever be elected. He was a cartoon, a caricature. To me he was no more than the SNL actors who spoofed him. He was entertainment. And then he gained traction and became real.

But how did he become real? He didn’t even run a real campaign. Nowhere in America could a viable political candidate for the highest office of the free world be able to have the history that he has, the pending issues that he has and the blatant- I’ll emphasize it- BLATANT bigotry the he showed and be a viable candidate. But there he was. And honestly I think his win was as much a surprise to him as it was to many of us. It is my firm belief that Donald Trump did not mean to be the president of the United States. He just wanted to shake things up and to create an obstacle for democrats. I think he would have laughed and called it a joke the he lost. But the problem is…he won. The main concern, to me, is how did he manage to win? I believe that part of why he won was the arrogance of democrats. Because, like me, they didn’t even consider him as a true candidate and also the fact that Hilary Clinton was not the best opponent to him (considering her waning popularity and less than tiny political history). I believe Donald Trump won the presidency because of white-lash.


White-lash is a term coined by CNN commentator Van Jones on election night when he described what the country was beginning to see as Trump’s impending victory. America had to explain this win. I would go even as far as to think that many of the people who voted for Trump didn’t actually think he would win. They did it to be rebellious and ornery. They did it because they didn’t like President Barack Obama. They did it because they felt that America had went too far left. They did it because they felt President Barack Obama had placed the “Black agenda” before them (as White people). What I am almost completely convinced of, is that they did not do it because they thought he was the best candidate. I mean the man is a silver spoon raised billionaire and reality tv star. He’s no more qualified to be president than the homeless man with mental issues that you walk past on your way to work. But they voted for him. And he won.

This is the background behind the phrase that Van Jones coined. He coined that phrase because we all had to synthesize the facts behind how Donald Trump was elected presidency, there wasn’t any data to support a reasonable, logical answer. He had no right. He had no business. But there he was. The answer the question was surmised in that one phrase”white-lash.” And, yes, I know that it is a polarized term because, of course, there were White people who didn’t vote for Trump. But the term “white-lash” isn’t meant to be politically correct and it isn’t meant to be objective. It’s meant to stir in people the feeling – a very truthful feeling- that America is not post racial because they allowed a Black man to become president. America isn’t free of its issues on race. AND at the end of the day, America is still a country that boils down to issues between Black and White (Black including all people of color and White including all of those pale enough to pass for White).

Those swaying votes were spiteful and/or gullible. As much as it was publicized that many people that voted for Barack Obama were people of color who usually never show up to the polls, the same can be said of Trump. We sometimes forget discuss that there are poor White people in America who are of no better station than the Blacks in the ghettos. The only difference is they live in trailer parks or run down houses. Trump went and promised those people a future. He promised that he would make it so they could have a better life (without college) because he would bring back manufacturing. And desperate as they were, they signed on.

That is the concept behind white-lash. It is that there was a segment of White people who, in the interest of a white supremacist agenda voted for Trump. They didn’t watch the debates and they didn’t ponder over who was the better candidate. They listened to the promises being made that would benefit them. And for that they excused all of the crazy, bigoted statements that Trump had made.

The Point 

America is in a time of reconstruction  and what we know from American history is that periods of great progress are often met with great opposition and the rising of a segment of the population that will seek to impede or undo such progress. So this is par for the course. The most important thing is to be diligent in meeting that opposition with intelligence and reason and engage those efforts to discredit and dismantle the advancement of justice with determination. We will not allow America to regress. Evolution is the only imperative.

I’m not sayin; I’m just sayin,

An Angry Black Man

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