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Why We Love Marilyn Mosby

Marilyn Mosby the Baltimore State’s Attorney who very publicly and vocally promised her city that she would seek justice on behalf of Freddie Gray by prosecuting his murderers, several Baltimore City polics officers, has not waivered in her her attempts to keep her promise.

Mosby stated:

I had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Gray’s family to discuss some of the details of the case and the procedural steps going forward. I assured his family that no one is above the law and I would pursue justice on their behalf.

– Marilyn Mosby

Freddie Gray

Freddie Gray

Mosby went on to commend protestors as well as police officers for doing their part lawfully and peacefully. Mosby then went on to answer questions and when questioned about her independent investigation of the case she stated:

I thought it was very important to have an independent analysis as to what took place and transpired from the very beginning. We are independent agencies from the police department.

THAT is the justice system at work. Mosby has made it very clear that she’s not doing business as usual but business as it should be. It makes all logical sense that the justice system should do its own investigation of a case that includes its own public servants as potential offenders. Clearly law enforcement would have a biased opinion and stake in analyzing the behaviors of its own so why not have an objective investigation performed by a further removed agency that can be objective?! It’s not typically the way it’s done but it’s definitely the way it should be done.

Character Assassination

Since Mosby has made her statements and has committed herself to prosecuting the officers responsible there has been a concerted effort by her opposition to discredit her and assassinate both her character and her professionalism. I have always found such a tactic to be deplorable and egregious. I think it is the lowest form of defense that a person can take in what should be an objective debate. Many media pundits have called her inexperienced and claim that she is in over her head. They have scrutinized her every move including having cited some all too common administrative error that occurred with the motions that she filed. And, of course, Fox News is at the core of perpetuating the propaganda.


In the above clip they attempt to make Mosby out to be self serving and out for vain glory; however, anyone who has ever sat in on a trial knows that all State’s Attorneys border on the thin line between confident and arrogant. They’re prosecutors for god’s sake it comes with the territory. Nowhere in that clip do I see Mosby boasting. She is clearly stating her track record for the brief time that she has been in office and citing her accomplishments. That’s how legal arguments are made.

Special Prosecutor vs. Local Prosecution

The defense filed motions to have the case dismissed as well as for Mosby to recuse herself from the case because her husband is a city councilman. Mosby’s response to that statement is the most perfect and logical answer I could possibly think of.

She stated:

I think that’s absurd. Where’s the accountability. I mean you’ll have somebody who will appoint somebody else. The people of Baltimore City elected me as the State’s Attorney to apply justice fairly and equally to violent repeat offenders and individuals who go and usurp their authority as police officers. It makes no sense for a special prosecutor to be brought in and then their loyalties are to who? Who are they accountable to? I’m accountable to the people who have elected me. And so at the end of the day what is this about: this is about justice and applying justice fairly and equally.

– Marilyn Mosby

I think that Mosby’s argument is valid. Why should a special prosecutor be selected rather than local prosecution. There is a reason that State’s Attorneys are elected and given jurisdiction over a particular region. It completely undermines their authority and insults their position to arbitrarily decide that they are somehow inadequately equipped to prosecute their own cases. Thankfully Judge Williams ruled against both motions. The officers are going to trial and Mosby will be prosecuting them.

 The Point

 We are living an graceless age of public discourse where people don’t just hit below the belt they snatch the belt off of you and beat you with it. The accusations and comments that have surfaced in conservative discussions about Mosby are disgusting and completely sensational. Those who would rather see our flawed and fatal institutions reproduce themselves with no hope of truly achieving the ideals they purport to uphold find issue with Mosby. Those of us who have long awaited the day that our institutions would take measures to actually uphold those ideals find Mosby to be a breath of fresh air and a sigh of relief that we may actually get there.However, it makes my heart smile to see that Mosby is not backing down and continues to do what she set out to do: get justice for Freddie Gray. For the moment she seems to have the law on her side. Whether this will continue remains to be seen as we all know how common it has become for the justice system to fail at actually administering justice. But we hope. And in the case of Freddie Gray, Marilyn Mosby is that hope.


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