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Why We Love Monique Pressley

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Bill Cosby was brought to trial for the rape allegations that have swarmed around for the past months. During his trial America got to witness his defense attorney, Monique Pressley, and as she moved forward in representing Cosby, she took the public by storm.

In her interview with CNN, Pressley- and this is one of a few interviews that she accepted – we find her quick wit and sound rationale brilliant. I would not say that Pressley isn’t brilliant but I will say that it says a lot that her support for the foundations of the legal system and her assertive renunciation of public opinion and speculation to be special.

The Problem

It has become a custom in American culture to generally accept the assertions of the media. It is not hard to see how that came to be as historically the ethics of the media had demanded that they be truth telling and unbiased. The media is supposed to relay the facts and allow the public to interpret it how they will. But over time politics and opinions began to shape reporters’ angles and even control the way that entire networks reported stories. Once that happened the media became a tool of manipulation that the powerful forces in this country sought to wield for their own purposes.MAIN-Bill-Cosby-and-Monique-Pressley

From the perspective of the American citizen (some still), the media was still the reliable source of information and many people were oblivious to the fact that the information that they were being given was being told in certain way or using certain terminology in order to elicit responses to them. So here we are today with this very CNN anchor who sits at her desk not seeking knowledge of truth but debating an officer of the court regarding a man’s innocence. In what world would that make sense??

The Point

Pressley has repeatedly taken on the court of public opinion to make sound, rational and legal defense of not just Bill Cosby but of the integrity of the American justice system. There have been a polarized slew of opinions about Pressley and whether she should have taken 14382018629357the case, why she asserts Cosby’s innocence and how as a Black woman can she defend a “rapist.” But what is being missed in listening to Pressley is that while she does have her own opinion about Cosby’s innocence, she is seeking to do her job and uphold the ethics and integrity of her profession. Her major point is that Cosby should be innocent until proven guilty and that he should not be coerced to having to publicly defend himself. That is not because he is above the law but because the law actually mandates that any person accused of a crime should receive due process in the court of law. So while we have become comfortable believing everything the media tells us and many have joined the witch hunt on Cosby and supported the destruction of his legacy, it is neither legal or moral. Good job Pressley!


I’m not sayin; I’m just sayin,


An Angry Black Man

2 Comments on Why We Love Monique Pressley

  1. As a Negro man who has dealt with many rape victims in personal and professional life, I find this post and the subsequent thought that a Negro man is not guilty if 54 women of varied racial backgrounds accuse said Negro man of sexual assault, disgusting.

    If your daughter, mom, sister, niece or aunt came to you and said they had been drugged, sexually assaulted or raped by Mr. Bill Cosby, and Mr. Bill Cosby then used his power and position as a Hollywood celebrity to avoid even having a discussion of said sexual assault by ignoring the allegations and making your female loved one, relative, friend appear as a gold-gigging liar….would you then say…”Good job Pressley!”

    You are a muthafuckin disgrace to humanity.

    • I get that you’re in your feelings about the situation and rape is always a serious issue for the accusers AND the accused. I do have family and loved ones that have been affected by rape and their attackers have never spent a day in jail; however, that’s not what this post is about. Nor is about Cosby’s guilt or innocence.

      The post is about the fact that just because 54 anybody accuse one person of something doesn’t automatically make it true. I can find you 54 racists who might say you’re a monkey, does that make you a monkey? We have a system set up in this country that if people such as yourself didn’t think it was okay to ignore its process in favor of their personal feelings and opinions, it might actually do what it is supposed to do which uncover the truth and deliver justice. Thanks for reading and responding.

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