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Wisdom of the Elders (Series Intro)


They say that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. We have no intention of going back from where we came. Those who have come before us have given their lives to secure certain gains for the Black community. We would be reminded to ignore such accomplishments and the lessons they learned.

In order to forge into the future, without backtracking a dozen times, we must take to heart those thing we know. And we know them because our parents discovered them. They are the truths that form the foundation of all we hope to do.

This series celebrates the accomplishments and explores the wisdom of our foreparents. In this series we will apply that knowledge to the world that we know. We will bring new meaning to their lessons and amend their errors. Here the past meets the future in the only place it can: the present. Let the wisdom of the elders guide us.

I’m not sayin; I’m just sayin,

An Angry Black Man

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